Joe Casey from Retirement Wisdom interviews Barbara Greenspan Shaiman about creating an interesting second act. Barbara shares ideas and strategies on living a life of meaning and purpose.

The Ripple Effects of Giving Back

Retirement Wisdom · Jul 27, 2020

Giving back is admirable. But in the midst of a busy and successful career, it’s can be easy to put off giving back to the community. Donating financially is impactful, especially now, but many people feel a tug that they want to do more. The freedom to retire offers opportunities to do just that. Our guest today, Barbara Greenspan Shaiman, encourages people to think about the impact on future generations. She urges people to get involved and to live your legacy now.

Barbara and I discuss:

  • What inspired her to become involved in social activism
  • Why she created a not-for-profit Champions of Caring
  • What drives her to do what she does
  • What it means to Live One’s Legacy
  • What she sees inspires people to give back in retirement
  • Why people put off living their legacy and what often gets in the way
  • Her advice for someone who wants to Live Their Legacy – Now

Listen to the podcast.