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Barbara’s message touches the lives of others in various settings and across multiple generations.
Below are reasons why people ask Barbara to share her story and insight.


Barbara is a true inspiration to me. Many of us have thought about what we would do to make the world a better place. For most of us there is an “if” statement that goes along with our good intentions. If we had the time, if we had the money, if we had the cause … we would then contribute our time, talents and energy. For Barbara, there is no if. She became inspired many years ago during a trip to Auschwitz and decided she was going to make a difference from that moment on. She gave up her career, founded Champions of Caring and dedicated her time, treasure and talents to helping children and families live their legacy now. She is an engaging and inspirational speaker, a fearless and hopeful leader, and a humble servant to the goodness that resides in us all. To know her is to love her.

Thomas P. Melcher

Executive Vice President; Managing Executive, Investments and Chief Investment Officer, The PNC Financial Services Group


Barbara Greenspan Shaiman has a passion for young people and for creating meaningful connections between generations. She has a wonderful story to tell about how people can become involved in their communities and help others, while becoming better people themselves. She has created a unique program to engage young people who might otherwise get lost in the system. I can think of no better way, especially at this time in America’s history, to reach out to the next generation. Through networking and encouraging others to volunteer, she has created a model for anyone looking for a way to give something back to society.

Andrea Mitchell

Chief Foreign Affairs Correspondent, NBC News


Barbara Greenspan Shaiman has an inspiring message that resonates equally with young and old alike. I had the pleasure of hearing Barbara when she addressed a group of college students. She mixes inspiration with expert story-telling and power-filled messages with personality. I believe that Barbara possesses the unique ability to change someone’s life and thus the ‘world’ with a few words. A truly remarkable woman–truly amazing legacy—truly stirring message.

Juli LaRosa, Professor

LeBow School of Business, Drexel University


Barbara’s dynamic and interactive approach to philanthropy is a truly unique model. By sharing her moving personal story, she motivated participants to really reflect upon the core of who they are – their passions and interests, values, and life experiences – and the legacy they want to live not just leave. Her workshop helped individuals to look at ways to focus and enhance their giving, get hands-on with the causes they support and add more meaning and purpose to their lives. The seminar was so popular we brought Barbara back for more “one on one” with our major donors.

Patricia Meller

Vice President for Finance and Administration, Philadelphia Foundation


As a Federal employee who engages speakers for our annual “Days of Remembrance” (Holocaust Memorial) program, I am so inspired by the work of Barbara and Embrace Your Legacy.  What better way to teach the lessons of the Holocaust — namely, that everyone has value and is worthy of love and respect — than to show people how they can create a living legacy of service to their fellow man.  It was wonderful to find people right in our community who have helped so many become better people by providing them with avenues for personal growth, reawakening their faith in mankind and their child-like enthusiasm to make a difference in the world.

Mark N. Goldstein

United States Environmental Protection Agency


We were honored to have Barbara speak on our campus and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive. Barbara has a compelling story and remarkable ability to connect with and inspire people of all ages and backgrounds. Her passion for helping others is contagious.

Dr. Craig Edelbrock

Chancellor, Penn State Great Valley


Barbara is a great inspiration to me. Her example teaches those of us in service how to be effective leaders. I watch her merge students from diverse backgrounds into a dynamic force for social change. It is an honor to be part of her organization.

Helen Eisner

Champions of Caring alumnus, Vanguard Group


Barbara is a remarkable individual, full of energy, with an unquenchable passion for serving others. Through her leadership, Champions of Caring has become an extraordinary force for positive change in the world.

Suzanne and Bob Wright

Co-Founders, Autism Speaks


Barbara is an unsung hero of our time. Her commitment and dedication to service is a powerful example of the “power of one person.” When Barbara speaks I am reminded that no one is safe from indifference — but there is something that we can all do to help someone else. Barbara empowers and encourages us all to believe in the unstoppable power of a motivated individual. When I listen to Barbara I am reminded that when I’m led by my head and my heart, I will succeed every time.

Terrell McCray

Champions of Caring alumnus, Vanguard Group


As keynote speaker, Barbara enthusiastically and effectively encouraged our attendees to not just leave a legacy for future generations, but also to go out and live a legacy now.  The impact of Barbara’s message hit home for our event attendees, ranging in age from their 30s to their 90s. Her stories helped weave a narrative of why it is essential that we all remember to give our time, creativity, and energy in helping others, thus creating a legacy during our lifetimes.

Amy Milgrim, Executive Director

Jewish Community Foundation of Southern New Jersey


Barbara’s commitment to the community and development of youth is something that should be modeled across the country. It is obvious the impact she has made on the lives of the youth in the Philadelphia community, and the strong bond she has with them. Through her speeches and workshops, she has touched the lives of many and inspired others to follow her lead.

Pam Canavan

Northeast Regional Manager of Human Resources, State Farm Insurance


Barbara Shaiman’s Live Your Legacy Now! was one of the most dynamic and inspirational presentations about volunteerism and philanthropy that I have ever attended. As a financial advisor, her speech and workshop have helped me to guide my clients towards exploring how they can enhance their philanthropy and add more meaning to their giving. Her vision for how families can engage children and young adults in the process was most enlightening.

Elizabeth Barker

RBC Wealth Management


Barbara Greenspan Shaiman is a dynamo whose energy, drive, and intelligence have made a real difference here in Philadelphia. She has taught young people the value of caring and of giving back.

Edward G. Rendell

Former Governor of Pennsylvania


Barbara Greenspan Shaiman is quite simply a pioneer and a social inventor for our times.

Harris Wofford

Former U.S. Senator, Pennsylvania