Workshop — Empowering yourself to create change

Embrace Your Legacy helps individuals to initiate a personal journey of embracing and living their legacies – adding meaning to their lives by creating cultures of caring: giving back to their community and workplace, and contributing to the world around them.

This presentation includes the assessment tools, strategies and reflection guides to help individuals to begin to create personal plans for living their legacies.

In this session, participants will:

  • Be inspired by a motivational speech from Barbara Greenspan Shaiman about her background and how she embraced living her legacy by establishing a not-for-profit organization and empowering 10,000 youth in Philadelphia to become social activists
  • Complete a Legacy Profile to assess their individual passions, interests and skills
  • Reflect on how they can integrate embracing their legacy into all aspects of their life — at home, in the community, and in the workplace
  • Identify the issues that they want to address, either in the workplace or in the local or global community
  • Learn the Ten Simple Steps to plan and implement a service project:
  1. Identify an Authentic Need
  2. Choose a Project
  3. Create Your Mission Statement
  4. Identify Community Partners or colleagues at work
  5. Create an Action Plan and Timeline
  6. Develop a Budget and Fundraising Strategy
  7. Spread the Word
  8. Evaluate Your Progress
  9. Reflect
  10. Celebrate and Promote Your Successes
  • Establish a Legacy Club to make this work collaborative and sustainable

Each participant will receive an Embrace Your Legacy Portfolio, which will guide them through their projects and establishing Legacy Clubs—groups of people who come together and use their collective skills and resources to address an issue. This portfolio also includes a Legacy Letter Guide to help them to share this process with family, friends, and colleagues; and activities to help them to reflect upon their progress of embracing and living their personal legacies, and what they have learned from this experience.

As participants create their projects and establish Legacy Clubs, we are also available to provide consulting services and additional resources through e-mail, online social networking, or additional planning and workshop sessions.