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Please contact us about rates on our customized programs.


All program fees include research of your organization’s unique situation and industry in order to include specific examples, stories and applications. All programs are designed to cover essential aspects of Embracing Your Legacy and Living Your Legacy Now, and creating a dynamic business culture that promotes respect and collaboration.

Program Design

Fees for the design of new content and delivery outside of the Embrace Your Legacy  specialized-program menu will be based on the scope of the work requested.


Customary expenses to be reimbursed include meals, lodging, and transportation. These expenses will be invoiced with copies of receipts. Air transportation in the U.S., Canada, will be reimbursed at coach rates.

All other International flights will be invoiced according to business class rates.

AV Requirements

  • Wireless microphone
  • LCD Projector (Brighter the better)
  • Screen

Feel free to contact us with any questions.