Embrace Your Legacy helps inspire, motivate and move groups to action. Samples of tailored programs for specific audiences are featured below.

Corporations, Hospitals and Businesses

Embrace Your Legacy provides professional guidance and a structured framework for corporations and organizations that want to promote teamwork, encourage social activism and engage their employees in service that is meaningful and sustainable.

Financial Advisors and Their Clients


In the current economic and political environment, people are asking more from their financial advisors. Research has shown that individuals, particularly baby boomers, are worrying more about the legacy they’ll leave and how they can best influence the well-being of their families, friends, and even the common good.

As consultants to financial advisors, Embrace Your Legacy staff offers a new dimension to add to your legacy planning services, helping clients to reflect upon their values and goals to create a personal legacy plan that enhances their financial planning.

Colleges and Universities


As they reflect upon their career paths, Embrace Your Legacy teaches college students that they have choices: They can choose a path that is only financially and materially driven, or they can also choose to be concerned with the common good and find ways that they can contribute as active, engaged citizens.

Faith-based Groups


Embrace Your Legacy provides speeches and workshops to faith-based communities, religious organizations, and programs that promote interfaith dialogue, to encourage people from diverse traditions to live their legacies and give back to their communities. While service is an integral part of most religious traditions, too often individuals do not know how to give back in a way that truly reflects their unique talents, interests and skills, while also adding meaning to their lives.

School and Youth Organizations


Barbara Shaiman also is Founder and President of Champions of Caring, a not-for-profit organization that has educated and empowered more than 10,000 youth to become social activists.

Champions of Caring offers consulting services, curricular materials, professional development, and technical support to establish “Cultures of Caring” in schools and youth development organizations.


Community Groups


Embrace Your Legacy speeches and workshops can be tailored to meet the needs of a variety of non-profit and community groups.