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Barbara’s presentation was touching and inspiring. Attendees were engaged and enjoyed having the chance to interact with Barbara as they considered their personal goals and passions. Each of us looks forward to what more we can do to embrace our legacies.
Laurie Dameshek

Siemens Corporation, Women’s Affinity Network

Corporation, hospital, business

Embrace Your Legacy provides professional guidance and a structured framework for corporations and organizations that want to promote teamwork, encourage social activism and engage their employees in service that is meaningful and sustainable.

Whether your organization is already involved in this work or just beginning the process, Embrace Your Legacy designs and facilitates customized programs that inspire and empower employees to give back locally and globally.  Our goal is to provide the tools to help your employees identify their individual passions and skills, and then apply them to create service projects that address authentic needs and make a positive impact on the company and community. We can also work with your company, pinpointing projects that both fit the mission of your company and its work, as well as the vision of the executive officers.

By drawing on the interests and skills of each individual, Embrace Your Legacy promotes teamwork and collaboration, thereby strengthening the organization and community as a whole. The result is a culture of caring in your organization—an environment that is positive, inclusive, and motivates your employees to reach their full potential.

Using a train-the-trainer model, we prepare your staff to establish Legacy Clubs which provide a venue for your employees to collaborate on their projects and make this a sustainable initiative within your organization.

In addition to providing motivational speeches and workshops, Embrace Your Legacy offers consulting services to match your organization with potential community partners and service sites. We create opportunities that represent your organization’s mission and values, and connect to the services and products that you provide.

By bringing Embrace Your Legacy to your organization, you will:

  • Promote an organizational culture that celebrates caring
  • Improve the quality of life in your community and build your organization’s reputation for doing good work
  • Enrich the lives of your employees by providing them with the guidance and tools to become advocates for social change and live their individual legacies
  • Reinforce workplace ethics and the values and dispositions that build good employees, socially-conscious leaders, and active citizens
  • Enhance employee morale and commitment to your organization and the communities you serve, increasing productivity and decreasing turnover

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