What is a legacy? How do you embrace it?

Most often, a legacy is described as something we leave behind. It is usually used in terms of money to build or fund something, such as a building at a university, a hospital wing or a library in a person’s memory. But the meaning of living and embracing your legacy—your humanity—is much broader. It is the core of who you are—what you stand for, how you treat others, how you act, and how you react in life—at home and in business, in private and in public—and what you contribute to improve the world around you. You can live a legacy by the type of person you are and the way you lead your life.

Why is it important to embrace my legacy?

In this time of social change and economic uncertainty, it is up to us as individuals, community leaders, and corporate leaders, to take action if we want to improve our situation and address important social issues. Each of us has the opportunity and responsibility to ensure both a better present and a better future for our children—To create a legacy of giving for future generations.

How will I personally benefit from embracing and living my legacy?

Embracing your legacy is both a selfless and selfish act. In doing for others, we gain much more for ourselves. Psychologists have found a direct correlation between “doing good” and “feeling good.” People who help others feel proud and optimistic, they are healthier and live longer, and perform better in all aspects of their lives, including work performance.

We all face personal and professional challenges that often make it hard to achieve balance and find inspiration in our daily lives. Embrace Your Legacy helps individuals to realize how they can find happiness and meaning, and get beyond difficult circumstances, through engaging in activities that involve giving back to others and serving their communities.

I already volunteer. How is embracing my legacy different than the volunteer work I am already involved in?

If you are already volunteering your time, bravo. But living your legacy is more than that. Take a moment to reflect on the work that you are currently doing. Does this work really represent your core values? Is it addressing the issue(s) that you are most passionate about, or is it just a project that you fell into? What about it do you like? Or, are you no longer finding the work fulfilling, and you serve out of habit or guilt? Are your skills being best utilized, or is there something else that you could be doing? Do you feel that your voice is heard and your ideas are respected and implemented? Are you making a meaningful contribution? Or, are there other issues that you want to address? Embracing your legacy means making a greater impact around an issue that is of great importance to you.

I’m busy. I barely have time to spend with my family. How can I find time to embrace my legacy?

The answer is simple: If your time with family and friends is limited, get them involved too. Ask for their help with your projects. Create projects together. Open up dialogue about the issues that you are passionate about. This enriches your experience, and shares your legacy with others.

Embrace Your Legacy also provides you with strategies to engage your children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews in intergenerational legacy projects.

Can I really embrace my legacy?

By following the strategies and Ten Simple Steps to getting started, anyone can embrace and live their legacy. This program lets you assess your situation and identify what level you are at –Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced.

You don’t have to be rich or famous to embrace your legacy. Irrespective of your financial situation or time commitment, you can make a difference and live a legacy. We each can use our specific talents and skills to address the issues that are most important to us. You need passion, commitment, tenacity, and a plan.

FAQs for Corporations and Organizations


How will my company benefit from Embrace Your Legacy speeches and workshops?

Embrace Your Legacy creates customized strategies and solutions to help your organization engage employees in meaningful service and create the optimal work environment that you envision. The long term benefits to your company include:

  • Improved employee morale and commitment to the organization and community
  • Increased productivity
  • Decreased employee turnover rates
  • Decreased health care costs

How will you work with my company and/or organization?

We do not believe in one-size-fits-all speeches and workshops. We will assess the needs and goals of your organization, and design a program that works for you.

Our value-added is that we provide both the inspiration and the structure and framework for getting started with new initiatives in your organization, as well as ongoing support. Our speeches and workshops are intended to be the beginning of a sustainable initiative within your organization. We leave participants with the training and materials to establish Legacy Clubs and begin the journey of living their own legacy.

We provide guidance for organizational development around issues such as: Creating service opportunities that align with your company’s values, mission and products; building relationships with the communities you serve, creating a positive work environment, and promoting workplace ethics through community engagement and collaboration on service projects

How will this relate to the products and services provided by my company?

There are many ways to connect the service that your employees will engage in to the products and services that you provide. For example, we created a program for a pharmaceutical company that provided opportunities for their employees to partner with community-based organizations that serve the populations who also benefited from their medications.

My company has national and international offices. Can you help us?

Yes. We can provide the skills and tools to create a prototype that can be used and adapted both nationally and internationally.

Can I make this a sustainable program in my organization?

Yes. Our goal is to make this a sustainable initiative by establishing Legacy Clubs, where your employees will share expertise and utilize their diverse skills to address issues in the community. They may choose one issue to work on collectively, or share their resources to address a variety of issues. Consulting and technical support are available to keep this work going.

How do I get started?

Embracing your legacy is about first reflecting on your values, interests and skills and then taking action. It is about creating meaningful projects to address issues that you are passionate about, and engaging others in this process. Our Embrace Your Legacy toolkit will help you to get started.

If you are an individual

  • Read Live Your Legacy Now!: Ten Simple Steps to Find Your Passion and Change the World to learn more about embracing your legacy.
  • Contact us to find out more about starting a Legacy Club in your community.

If you are a corporation, college or university, community-based organization or professional group or association

  • Contact us to find out more about our speech and workshop packages, and how you can bring Embrace Your Legacy to your organization.