Speeches, workshops and legacy clubs

Whether you want to inspire your key audience (e.g., employees, donors, clients), motivate your executive team, or expand community outreach for university, faith-based or professional groups, Embrace Your Legacy is an invaluable resource.


An inspirational and powerful speaker, Barbara Greenspan Shaiman enthralls audiences, leaving them energized and ready to take life-changing action. Want to know more?

In her speeches and workshops, Barbara teaches the tools and strategies from her book, Live Your Legacy Now! Ten Simple Steps to Find Your Passion and Change the World, in order to:

  • Motivate participants to reflect on who they are, what experiences have shaped them, and how they want to embrace and live their legacy
  • Guide participants to identify their passion and interests to help determine what social issues they would like to address
  • Teach the Ten Simple Steps to create meaningful service projects, irrespective of their level of time, commitment or finances
  • Provide strategies to share these experiences with colleagues, family, children and friends by establishing legacy clubs

She shares inspirational stories from adults and youth who are finding fulfillment while addressing critical social issues to motivate her audience to find their own passions.

Barbara is often called upon to share her message with audiences at various community events, conferences and workshops. She can adapt her speeches to address a wide range of topics and themes, but her message is always both inspirational and directed towards motivating people to action.