College and University Programs

Barbara has an inspiring message that resonates equally with young and old alike.  She mixes inspiration with expert story-telling and power-filled messages with personality.  I believe that Barbara possesses the unique ability to change someone’s life and thus the ‘world’ with a few words. A truly remarkable woman–truly amazing legacy—truly stirring message.

Juli LaRosa

Associate Clinical Professor, LeBow School of Business, Drexel University

As they reflect upon their career paths, Embrace Your Legacy teaches college students that they have choices: They can choose a path that is only financially and materially driven, or they can also choose to be concerned with the common good and find ways that they can contribute as active, engaged citizens.

Our college and university speeches and workshops offer participants an opportunity to explore their passions, interests and skills and apply them to make meaningful changes locally and globally by addressing issues that are important to them. Through this process, they will gain a sense of purpose and direction that will guide them through their lives, irrespective of their professional and personal goals.

Embrace Your Legacy speeches and workshops provide powerful messages that cross academic disciplines, and help students to identify how they can use their particular skills and knowledge to effect change. The workshops focus on motivating students to find ways that they can give back now, as well as guiding them towards pursing careers as social entrepreneurs or with socially conscious businesses.

Using a train-the-trainer model, Embrace Your Legacy prepares faculty and students to establish legacy clubs, where they can work together on service projects and make this a sustainable campus initiative.

Barbara is also available to speak at commencement activities and faculty events.

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