Over the past few months, I’ve had the privilege of addressing a wide range of audiences, spreading my message that everyone can and must embrace their legacy. I’ve spoken to high school students and faculty, college students, corporate executives, women’s groups, and shared the stories of people of all ages who are using their unique passions and skills to live their legacies: the high school student who uses her love of fashion to raise awareness and funds for Darfur – or my friend who loves golf, and uses golf lessons as a forum to mentor inner city boys – or the knitter who works with multiple generations within her family to create blankets for women who are transitioning out of prison, providing them with hope and encouragement for a fresh start. After each speech, and through the workshops that I facilitate following the presentation,  I am moved by the stories of the audience members – whether they tell me about what they are already doing to live their legacies, or that they were inspired by the stories I shared and had an A-Ha moment about how they can live their own legacy.

Whether it is fashion, knitting, or golf, each of us has an activity that we enjoy or talent we can share to make our communities a better place. I’d like to hear from each of you about how you are living your legacy. Whether you are using sports, creating service projects intergenerationally with your family, or working with colleagues to create a culture of caring and volunteerism in your corporation, let’s share our stories. I hope that this blog becomes a forum to share our stories, and provide one another with feedback, resources and encouragement. I look forward to reading your stories!