Programs for Financial Advisors and Clients

“Barbara Shaiman’s Live Your Legacy Now! was one of the most dynamic and inspirational presentations about volunteerism and philanthropy that I have ever attended. As a financial advisor, her speech and workshop have helped me to guide my clients towards exploring how they can enhance their philanthropy and add more meaning to their giving. Her vision for how families can engage children and young adults in the process was most enlightening.”

-Elizabeth Barker, RBC Wealth Management

In the current economic and political environment, people are asking more from their financial advisors. Research has shown that individuals, particularly baby boomers, are worrying more about the legacy they’ll leave and how they can best influence the well-being of their families, friends, and even the common good.

At Embrace Your Legacy, we believe that it is not enough to think about the legacy we will leave, rather, we must think about the legacy we live every day. Our legacies are shaped by the way we lead our lives, and where and how we choose to contribute time, money, and resources.

As consultants to financial advisors, Embrace Your Legacy staff offer a new dimension to add to your legacy planning services, helping clients to reflect upon their values and goals to create a personal legacy plan that enhances their financial planning.

Through inspirational and interactive speeches, workshops, and consulting services  Embrace Your Legacy provides a model to empower your clients to:

  • Explore how they can live (and not just leave) a legacy that reflects their values and the issues that are important to them
  • Enhance their philanthropy by using their passions and skills to get hands-on with the causes they support
  • Re-evaluate and re-focus their giving
  • Discuss the impact and sustainability of their legacy
  • Share this legacy with their children, grandchildren and other family members through our intergenerational Legacy Clubs

Embrace Your Legacy client events help you to develop a sense of community, show your appreciation to your clients and help them achieve their full potential for a life of meaning and purpose. We are also available to meet with clients individually, and will customize our programs to meet your needs.