Speech Topics

Barbara Shaiman’s motivational speeches address a wide range of topics and can be tailored to meet the specific interests of your audience.

Speech topics include:

Live Your Legacy Now!

Barbara motivates individuals to assess their core values, identify their passion and skill sets, and then utilize these assets to take action and create projects for personal growth and social change. She also shares how to inspire multiple generations to live their legacy.

From Entrepreneurship to Social Entrepreneurship

Barbara describes her thirty-year journey from teacher, to businesswoman, to social entrepreneur, working locally and globally to impact change. She inspires audiences to reflect upon how they can use their own entrepreneurial and business skills to effect social change.

Promoting Multigenerational Legacies

Whether you are a parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, teacher, mentor, or just someone who cares about the next generation, teaching our children to care is both a privilege and responsibility. With the laudable goal of wanting our children to thrive in a competitive society, we push to develop them academically, athletically, even musically. But so often along the way, we forget to develop their hearts. This workshop shares strategies and activities for engaging children and youth in service and legacy-building activities that build character, offer opportunities to bond with young people, and create cultures of caring in your family.

Best Practices For Empowering Youth: Balancing Academics with Character Education, Service-Learning and Civic Engagement

Based on the concept that “A head without a heart is dangerous”, Barbara trains educators to integrate best practices in character education and service learning into their practice—thereby empowering youth to become socially responsible leaders and active, engaged citizens.

Creating a Culture of Caring in the Corporate World—Developing Leaders for Social Change

Barbara provides guidance for corporations and organizations that want to promote social activism and engage their employees in service that is meaningful and sustainable. Her model promotes teamwork and collaboration, thereby strengthening the organization and community as a whole. The result is a culture of caring—an environment that is positive, inclusive, and motivates employees to reach their full potential.

Remembering the Holocaust: Moving From Commemoration to Action

Barbara’s commitment to social justice is rooted in her own legacy as the daughter of Holocaust survivors. In the early nineties, after visiting Auschwitz with her parents, she was inspired to create Champions of Caring to teach young people the universal lessons of the Holocaust: that silence and indifference are diseases that must be combated, that we must all stand up and speak out against injustice, and that we each have a responsibility to commit to tikkun olam—to repair the world. By sharing how her legacy has shaped her life, Barbara inspires audiences to reflect upon their own life experiences and find a way of giving back that has personal meaning.