A Legacy Club is a group of people (family, friends, colleagues) who come together and use their collective skills and resources to address a local or global cause that is important to them and create social change. Members of a Legacy Club may focus on one issue for an extended period of time, or they may select a different issue each month or quarter. Or, each member might select to create a project to address their individual passion, while the group members provide resources and support that they need to implement their project.

Whatever model your Legacy Club uses, it is a way to build a sense of community, share resources, support one another and create a more sustainable impact. A Legacy Club is also a place to share reflections on how you are living your legacy.

Legacy Club Start Up Package


  • One copy of Live Your Legacy Now!: Ten Simple Steps to Find Your Passion and Change the World by Barbara Shaiman
  • One copy of the Embrace Your Legacy Now! Portfolio
  • Consulting services upon request

If you are interested in starting a Legacy Club in your community, please contact Embrace Your Legacy for more information about our Legacy Club products and services.